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Since 1995 ours is a venture steeped in the ethos of femininity and familial bonds, a testament to the enduring spirit of kinship and enterprise.

Central to our mission is the aspiration to establish a paradigm of both humaneness and aesthetic excellence, setting forth a new narrative in the realm of beauty and compassion.

iris wand embraces practices that uphold equity and environmental stewardship.

Through collaborative partnerships with artisan families, we not only cultivate exquisite attire and accessories but also foster a community of shared values and mutual respect.

From intricate motifs to avant-garde designs, our repertoire caters to a spectrum of occasions, from leisurely pursuits to opulent soirées, ensuring that every garment tells a tale of individuality and grace.

  • Women's Fashion Clothes | Resort Wear Apparel - Iriswand

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Inspired by the olympic Games and their glory

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